Water Footprint of Electricity Highest for Hydro, Report Says

For every gallon of water used in an average U.S. household, five times more water is used to provide that home with electricity via hydropower turbines and fossil-fuel plants, River Network said today in a report.

The Portland, Oregon-based environmental group’s report said the water footprint of electricity is the highest for hydropower. “Each day, enough water to meet the demands of more than 50 million people evaporates from reservoirs behind hydroelectric dams,” it said.

The report also said electricity production by coal, nuclear and natural gas power plants is the fastest-growing use of fresh water in the U.S., making up at least half of all fresh, surface water withdrawals from rivers, more than any other sector, including agriculture.

“The days of taking water for granted in our decisions about energy production must come to an end,” said Cindy Lowry, executive director at the Alabama Rivers Alliance.

Link to Report: {http://cts.vresp.com/c/?RiverNetwork/4dd4531e62/8032c21d1e/6e933 893b0}

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