Canada’s Harper Says Europe Must Proceed With Integration

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper said European countries need to press ahead with deeper integration in order to deal with the region’s crisis on an “ongoing” basis.

Speaking at an event on the sidelines of the Group of 20 summit in Los Cabos, Mexico, Harper said that while the crisis facing the 17 nations who share the euro is “severe,” the region has the means to tackle the crisis.

Harper said he is seeking “clear commitments that they are prepared to take all of the actions, all of the necessary actions, that are within their capacity to deal with these problems.” Europe also needs to do “the structural changes necessary to create a genuine financial union in Europe that can deal with these problems on an ongoing basis,” he told reporters.

Boosting economic growth should be the focus of every G-20 leader, Harper said, adding that promoting trade is part of Canada’s pro-growth agenda.