U.K.’s Osborne Is ‘Too Posh’ and ‘Out of Touch,’ Poll Says

Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne is too posh and out of touch with the needs of ordinary Britons, more than half of respondents in a ComRes Ltd poll for the Independent on Sunday said.

The survey showed that 59 percent of survey participants said Osborne is “out of touch with the public” and 55 percent said he is “too posh to understand the financial pressures on ordinary people.” The Labour Party was backed by 42 percent of voters, compared with 32 percent for Prime Minister David Cameron and Osborne’s Conservative Party.

Osborne and his party’s reputation was damaged by the March 21 budget in which he cut the top rate of income tax while subjecting hot takeaway snacks such as Cornish pasties to value-added tax and introduced other measures that hurt people on lower incomes. Most of the increases were dropped a month later and Labour called on the government to go further and drop plans to cut the top rate of income tax next year to 45 percent from 50 percent.

ComRes interviewed 2,014 people online on June 13-15.

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