Central Bank of India & OBC CDs Deals: Indian Money Market

By Shraddha Kothari

June 15.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing certificate of deposits issued by Indian banks. The data has been provided by Derivium Tradition Securities(I) Pvt. Ltd, NVS Brokerage Ltd and Trust Financial Consultancy Services.

Date           Security      Mty Date Qnty(Cr.) Rate  Buyer    Contributor
15-June-12     OBC           20-Nov-12 100       9.45            DCAP
15-June-12     CBI           3 MONTHS  100       9.1             DCAP
15-June-12     CBI           3 MONTHS  100       9.1  STATE BK   NVSB
15-June-12     CBI           3 MONTHS  100       9.1  BKS & MFS  TFCS
15-June-12     OBC           NOVEMBER  100       9.45 BKS & MFS  TFCS

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