Strategists’ Recommended Allocations for Stocks, Bonds, Cash

The table gives recommendations for how much of their assets investors should have in stocks, bonds and cash from strategists at brokerages.

Firm                Stocks          Bonds          Cash
Bank of America -a   48.0%           37.0%           3.0%
Bank of Montreal -b
Deutsche Bank -c
JPMorgan             60.0%           25.0%          15.0%
Oppenheimer -d
UBS -e               45.0%          33.25%          6.25%
Mean                 51.0%          31.75%          8.08%
Median               48.0%          33.25%          6.25%
High                 60.0%           37.0%          15.0%
Low                  45.0%           25.0%           3.0%

      a. Bank of America also recommends investing 12 percent in
      b. BMO currently does not have recommendations.
      c. Deutsche Bank currently does not have recommendations.
      d. Oppenheimer currently does not have recommendations.
      e. UBS also recommends investing 7.5 percent in
commodities, 6 percent in real estate and 2 percent in
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