Heat May Follow Cool to End Week in East Coast, Midwest

This week will end hotter than it’s starting from the Midwest to the East Coast, which may boost demand for energy to keep cool.

Temperatures from Missouri to western New York and southern Quebec are expected to be 8 to 14 degrees Fahrenheit (4.4 to 7.8 Celsius) above normal by week’s end, according to MDA EarthSat Weather in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

St. Louis may reach 98 degrees and Memphis 97 by May 26, with temperatures rising to or near 90 in Washington, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta and Cincinnati, MDA said. Toronto is forecast to see 88 by May 26, according to Environment Canada.

“Some potent heat is expected for a few days over the Midwest to the Great Lakes as a ridge builds over the central to eastern U.S.,” MDA said in a note to clients today.

High temperatures send people to air conditioners to cool homes and businesses, creating demand for electricity. Because of lower prices for natural gas, more power plants are using the fuel.

This week’s U.S. cooling-degree days value may reach 39, or 28 above normal and 36 more than last year, according to the Climate Prediction Center in Camp Springs, Maryland.

The value is calculated by subtracting a base of 65 degrees from the daily average temperature to show. Higher values mean warmer weather and more energy for cooling. Energy and weather derivatives traders use the value to gauge market demand.

Energy Demand Outlook

At least triple the normal amount of energy may be used for cooling from Virginia to New York from May 22 to May 28, said David Salmon, owner of Weather Derivatives in Belton, Missouri.

Salmon also predicted Boston, Chicago and Detroit may use at least double the usual amount.

More seasonal air will spread throughout the East Coast and in the western U.S. by May 31 to June 4, said Matt Rogers, president of Commodity Weather Group LLC in Bethesda, Maryland.

The Midwest may still be 5 to 8 degrees above normal in that timeframe, Rogers said.

The normal average temperature in New York on May 29 is 67 degrees, according to MDA. It’s 61 in Boston, 69 in Washington, 74 in Atlanta, 79 in Houston, 77 in Dallas, 58 in Seattle and 67 in Burbank, California.

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