Touareg Clashes With Militia Kill 7 in Western Libyan City

Seven Libyan fighters died in clashes between militias in the western city of Ghademes, a government official said.

Members of the Touareg tribe, which had sided with Muammar Qaddafi in the uprising that led to his ouster and killing, attacked the local Ghademes militia early today, killing one of its militiamen, Alttaib El-Kebeer, a member of the city’s reconciliation committee, said in a telephone interview. Six Touareg fighters were killed during the ensuing battle, said Libyan government spokesman Nasser Elmaneh. The fighting injured more than 20 people, he said.

Clashes between militias and tribes in Libya have become common since Qaddafi was pushed from power after last year’s uprising. The Libyan army entered the city to restore order, Elmaneh said.

The interim authority, the National Transitional Council, has struggled to disarm the militias, thwarting efforts to rebuild the nation that sits atop Africa’s largest proven reserves of crude.

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