Filings Made When EBay Hired Thompson Accurate, CEO Donahoe Says

John Donahoe, chief executive officer of EBay Inc., the world’s largest Internet marketplace, said the filings made when it hired Scott Thompson as president of its PayPal payment business were accurate. The academic credentials of Thompson, now CEO of Yahoo! Inc., were questioned by Yahoo investor Third Point LLC, prompting the board of the biggest U.S. Web portal to review the matter.

Donahoe spoke to reporters in Tokyo today.

“When Scott was hired at EBay Inc., all of EBay’s filings had the accurate information. Some of EBay’s PR materials had that bio. Our legal filings were taken care of by our legal department. Some of the PR materials had that info.

“I think Scott Thompson did a great job at PayPal. I think he’s a very talented leader and I believe he can help Yahoo. I hope they get through this and he can continue to do the very challenging job he’s got of helping to turn Yahoo around. I’m Scott’s biggest fan.”

On China strategy:

“Our strategy for China has been continue to grow our cross-border business, both through EBay and PayPal. Two, we have filed for an application to get a domestic payments license. We hope PayPal becomes the first non-Chinese service to get a domestic payment license. We don’t know the conditions for that, whether it requires a partner or not.

“It’s clear that the competitive landscape for domestic China business is that Chinese companies are best-suited for working with government and with consumers.

“With commerce, we have a long-term view. We may do a joint venture sometime. We may do an acquisition sometime. But for now we’re content with growing a strong cross-border business and continue to be diligent in applying for a domestic-payment license.

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