U.S. March Imports of Steel Products Report (Text)

Following is the text of the U.S. steel report from the Commerce Department:

The U.S. Census Bureau announced today that preliminary March steel imports were $3.0 billion (2.6 million metric tons compared to the preliminary February totals of $2.8 billion (2.4 million metric tons).

The March change in steel imports based on metric tonnage reflected an increase primarily in blooms, billets and slabs. An increase occurred primarily with Mexico; a decrease occurred primarily with India.

The year to date final statistics through February 2012 showed steel imports of 5.0 million metric tons compared with 3.6 million metric tons through February 2011. The largest commodity increase occurred primarily in blooms, billets and slabs. The largest country increase occurred primarily with Russia and Brazil; the largest country decrease occurred primarily with Mexico.

SOURCE: U.S. Commerce Department http://www.bea.gov

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