Romanian Opposition Files No-Confidence Motion Against Cabinet

Romanian opposition parties filed a no-confidence motion against the two-month-old Cabinet of Prime Minister Mihai-Razvan Ungureanu to force early elections.

The Social Democrats and Liberals, who formed an alliance before elections this year, accuse Ungureanu’s government of “abuse” in the sale of state-owned assets and the approval of money transfers to local authorities, said Victor Ponta, the head of the Social Democratic Party, today in Bucharest.

The ruling coalition is counting on its majority in the 460-member Parliament, which helped former Prime Minister Emil Boc survive seven no-confidence votes since adopting austerity measures in 2010 to meet pledges to the International Monetary Fund and the European Union. Boc resigned on Feb. 6 as protests over public-wage cuts and tax increases turned violent.

“The motion has no chance of passing,” Sever Voinescu, a ruling party spokesman, said yesterday. “The coalition lawmakers will boycott the vote.”

The opposition lacks 14 votes for passage, according to Ponta, saying it will be “a miracle” if any coalition lawmakers cross over to help oust the government.

The government is backed by the Democrat-Liberal Party, the ethnic Hungarians, known as UDMR, the independents’ party and the minorities, which hold 237 seats in Parliament.

Ponta said the motion also criticizes a law establishing a Hungarian-teaching faculty at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in the city of Targu-Mures, citing political pressures from the junior coalition member UDMR.

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