Obama Campaign Releases First Spanish-Language Ads

President Barack Obama’s campaign released its first Spanish-language advertisements for radio and television as it reaches out to Hispanic voters who may help decide the November election.

The ads, to air in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, tout Obama’s record on education, including his support for Head Start early education programs and the increase in funding his administration has sought for Pell Grants for higher education, according to a campaign press release today.

Obama’s campaign is preparing for close contest against Republican Mitt Romney, and is emphasizing its policies directed toward Hispanics, who gave Obama 67 percent of their votes in 2008. To court the voting bloc, Obama’s campaign has developed a Spanish-language website and is recruiting Spanish-speaking volunteers by using Spanish-language voter registration forms and phone banks.

Today, the campaign will begin “Latinos for Obama,” a nationwide effort to urge Hispanics to register, volunteer and ultimately to vote.

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