Iranian Oil-Tanker Fleet Status by Satellite Signals

Following is a table of the status of Iran’s oil-tanker fleet according to the most recent signals from the vessels captured by IHS Inc.

Very large crude carriers can carry about 2 million barrels, Suezmaxes hold half as much, and Aframaxes haul about 600,000 barrels. NITC, Iran’s biggest tanker company, has a fleet able to haul about 70 million barrels.

VLCC                Last Seen       Destination
Ship name           Date
Nabi                April 18        Egypt
Safe                April 18        Unspecified
Darab               April 18        Egypt
Danesh              April 17        Fujairah
Hoda                April 17        Kharg Island
Dena                April 17        Fujairah
Hengam              April 17        Unspecified
Delvar              April 16        China
Najm                April 15        Unspecified
Hamoon              April 14        Kharg Island
Haraz               April 12        Taiwan
Hadi                April 11        Kharg Island
Harsin              April 9         Persian Gulf
Hirmand             April 7         Fujairah
Damavand            April 4         Persian Gulf
Davar               April 2         Asaluyeh
Homa                April 1         Asaluyeh
Daylam              March 30        Kharg Island
Honar               March 22        Soroosh
Noah                March 20        Unspecified
Hatef               March 19        Kharg Island
Hormoz              March 17        Kharg Island
Dadgar              March 17        Kharg Island
Huwayzeh            March 16        Asaluyeh
Nesa                March 16        Larak Island
Noor                March 15        Kharg Island
Suezmax             Last Seen       Destination
Ship name           Date
Sima                April 17        Unspecified
Sanandaj            April 16        Unspecified
Sarvestan           April 14        Kharg Island
Sina                April 9         Larak Island
Saveh               April 2         Asaluyeh
Susangird           April 2         Asaluyeh
Sepid               March 27        Unspecified
Sarv                March 25        Bandar E Pars
Semnan              March 21        Kharg Island
Aframax             Last Seen       Destination
Ship name           Date
Abadeh              April 18        Venezuela
Abadan              April 17        Kharg Island
Amol                April 17        Mahshar
Astaneh             April 16        Bandar Abbas
Astara              April 16        Mahshar
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