Kudrin Plans to Stay Out of Government, Set Up Opposition Group

Former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin doesn’t plan to return to government “in the nearest future,” instead creating a group to support civic initiatives.

The Civic Initiative Committee will “oppose the actions of the authorities” and propose “alternative ways of solving political, economic and social problems,” according to a statement.

The committee will promote its initiatives through mayors of Russian cities, who have “enough power” to implement the its proposals, Kudrin told reporters today in Moscow. A foundation that would seek donations from Russian businessmen, rather than from abroad, may be set up to finance the committee’s activities, he added.

Kudrin left his post as finance minister last year after a public spat with President Dmitry Medvedev over plans to increase military spending. He has since discussed forming a political party with billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov, who ran against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for president in March.

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