Toulouse Shootings Mark First French Terror Killings Since 1996

A French man of Algerian descent, Mohammed Merah, was killed in a shootout with police today in Toulouse following a 32-hour siege with authorities. He may be the country’s first home-grown Islamic terrorist. Following is a list of terrorist attacks committed or planned by radical Islamic groups or individuals in France since the early 1990s.

-- March 2012: Merah, 23, killed three soldiers last week and four people in a Jewish school in Toulouse on March 19.

-- December 2008: French police arrested three men for plotting an attack on the headquarters of the country’s intelligence services on the outskirts of Paris. Rany Arnaud, a 29-year-old Islamic convert who participated in the plot, blamed France for being an “enemy of Allah” and for having troops stationed in Afghanistan.

-- December 2000: French and German police thwarted an attack at a Christmas market in the eastern city of Strasbourg. Four members of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat, based in Frankfurt, were arrested.

-- December 1996: A bomb on a commuter train exploded at the Paris station of Port Royal, killing four and injuring 170. There was no claim for the attack, but the police suspected the Algerian Armed Islamic Group (GIA).

-- July 1995 to October 1995: The Algerian Armed Islamic Group carried out or planned eight attacks in France, including:

July 25: A bomb exploded in a commuter train in central Paris, killing eight and injuring 150 people.

August 17: A bomb detonated at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, wounding 17 people.

September 7: A car bomb exploded at a Jewish school in the city of Villeurbanne, near Lyon, injured 14 people.

Oct. 6: A bomb blast in the Paris metro station Maison Blanche wounded 13 people.

Oct. 17: A bomb exploded on a commuter train in Paris between the Musee d’Orsay and the Saint Michel stations, injuring 29 people.

-- December 1994: Four members of the Armed Islamic Group hijacked an Air France flight from Paris to Algiers and killed three passengers. Special police forces stormed the plane in Marseille, freeing the hostages and killing the four terrorists.

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