China’s 22-Day Moving Average for the Cost of Crude Rises 0.34%

The following table shows the 22-day moving average of the three crude benchmark grades monitored by the Chinese government for setting fuel prices. The average, assuming an equal weighting for all three grades, rose 0.34 percent as of yesterday from the last adjustment on March 19.

Gasoline, diesel and kerosene tariffs may be modified when the 22-day moving average of Brent, Dubai and Cinta changes more than 4 percent from the last official price revision, under a mechanism introduced by the government, which hasn’t given the weighting for the grades. Prices are in U.S. dollars a barrel and are according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Date      Brent      Dubai     Cinta     Average     Change
March 21  124.23     121.75    138.91     128.30      0.34%
March 19  123.84     121.28    138.45     127.86

— With assistance by Jing Yang

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