The One Fountain Pen

A singular writing instrument for the tasteful executive

The One Fountain Pen
The Lamy Dialog 3 fountain pen was designed by Franco Clivio, the director of the industrial design department at the Zurich University of the Arts. It's available in two handsome finishes: palladium or matte black
Photograph by Yasu + Junko for Bloomberg Businessweek

The Want: A smart, well-crafted tool for signing checks, bestowing a measure of elegance to your correspondence, and defending against carpal tunnel syndrome.
The Get: With its Bauhaus design and sturdy German engineering, the Lamy Dialog 3 fountain pen is a sleek throwback to an age when penmanship mattered. Conveniently, it doesn’t have a cap. The nib slips out from a sliding trap door with a simple twist. If you’re used to disposable ballpoint pens, you’ll find a simple pleasure in refilling the Lamy with a new cartridge or a week’s supply of ink from a bottle. Plus, its well-balanced weight makes it comfortable and magisterial to wield, like waving a wand over paper. ($375,

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