Mexico Sells 7 Billion Pesos of 27-Day Cetes at Auction Today

Mexico sold all 7 billion pesos of 27-day Cetes and 8 billion pesos of the 91-day securities it offered today, the central bank said on its website.

Mexico also sold all 8.5 billion pesos in 182-day bills it auctioned and 9.5 billion pesos of the 336-day bills it offered, the bank said.

The yield at auction on the one-month notes was unchanged at 4.27 percent from the previous auction on Feb. 28, the bank said.

The nation’s Finance Ministry seeks to sell this quarter an average of 7 billion pesos of one-month notes weekly and an average of 8 billion pesos of those maturing in three months each week, the ministry announced in a statement on Dec. 15. Mexico will sell at least 3.5 billion pesos weekly of the 28-day Cetes and at least 4 billion pesos each week of 91-day bills during this quarter, it said.

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