By Shraddha Kothari

February 28.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing certificate of deposits dealt by Indian companies.The data has been provided by Trust Financial Consultancy Services Ltd,Mata Securities India Pvt Ltd,SPA Securities Ltd.

Date      Security  Mty Date  Qnty Rate Buyer   Seller
28-Feb-12 CANARA    5-Mar-12      9.50 BOI       BIRLA MF
28-Feb-12 CANARA    5-Mar-12  50  9.45 BOI       CORPORATE
28-Feb-12 IOB       5-Mar-12      9.45
28-Feb-12 PNB       5-Mar-12      9.40
28-Feb-12 SBBJ      02-Mar-12     9.32 BOM       PEERLESS
28-Feb-12 SBBJ      Jun-12        9.45           MAX
28-Feb-12 SBBJ      Jun-12    25  9.45 CORPORATE MAX

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