By Shraddha Kothari

February 17.(Bloomberg) -- Following is a table showing comm dealt by Indian companies. The data has been provided by Trust Consultancy Services.

Date      Security     Mty Date   Qnty  Rate  Buyer        Seller 
14-Feb-12 EDELWEISS    15-Feb-12  30  9.25  DAIWA MF    RELIGARE MF
14-Feb-12 L&T FIN      29-Feb-12      9.60  CANROBECO   TATA MF
14-Feb-12 HDFC         27-Feb-12  200 9.30  DEUT MF     KOTAK MF
14-Feb-12 HDFC         27-Feb-12  100 9.30  RELIGARE MF KOTAK MF

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