Austria’s Fekter ‘Confident’ Greece Will Get Additional Aid

Austria’s Finance Minister Maria Fekter said she was confident that Greece will get additional aid.

“Greece has agreed an ambitious program,” Fekter told reporters in Vienna today. “The IMF and the commission will report in how far it sustainably is guaranteed that Greece will get on its feet again. It will take a long time for Greece, but I as far as I’ve seen details I am confident that Greece will get additional assistance.”

“We have very positive signals on a PSI understanding,” Fekter said, referring to a deal on writedowns for private bondholder. “I expect this to also be on the table” when finance ministers meet in Brussels, she said.

“The first aim of the European Union and of the euro zone has to be not to kick or push Greece out of the euro zone, but on the contrary that both sides endeavor to solve” Greece’s problems, Chancellor Werner Faymann said today. Raising Greece’s competitiveness will take “year,” he said.

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