Hot Romance, Cupid’s Arrow, Sure Bets on Valentine’s Day in NYC

Dr. Alex Schiller, a character played by Roslyn Hart. Dr. Alex helps singles find each other in the musical comedy "Never Sleep Alone" at Joe's Pub. Photographer: Pavel Antonov/Public Theater via Bloomberg

If you’re unattached and looking for a sure thing on Valentine’s Day, here’s a tip: Sit down front at Joe’s Pub. Your chances of success could be as high as 49 percent.

“People are looking for a night of entertainment and hoping to meet their next hot romance,” comedian Roslyn Hart said in an interview.

The star of “Never Sleep Alone,” a cabaret show in which she appears as “Dr. Alex Schiller,” says her mission is helping singles find each other.

Seating is arranged for maximum exposure. There’s a voyeur section for those who prefer to watch and a singles section nearer the stage for active participants.

Opening night in November, Hart said, resulted in a reported 47 couples from a sell-out crowd of 200. Any bookmaker would tell you that just under 50 percent is pretty good odds.

“Never Sleep Alone” starts at 9:30 on Valentine’s Day and will also be performed every Friday in March. Dress to impress.

There’s an after-party for adventurous mingling. Contact Dr. Alex for details, even if you didn’t get tickets to the show. Information: +1-212-967-7555;

Art for the Heart

At the other end of the spectrum, the Municipal Art Society has organized an early-evening tour of selected Chelsea galleries on Valentine’s Day.

Art historian Sylvia Laudien-Meo will lead the group past Damien Hirst’s spot paintings at Gagosian, Weegee’s photographs of gritty New York scenes at the Steven Kasher Gallery and Doug Wheeler’s light installation at David Zwirner.

You will doubtless be more attractive after learning about contemporary art. Take your looks to places like Bar Veloce for a bottle of sparkling pinot noir to share or The Tippler in Chelsea Market for a Top Cat made with Averna amaro.

Information: +1-212-935-2075;

Power Spot

Another option: power place Michael’s in midtown, where you can continue the arty conversation amidst the Jasper Johns and David Hockney canvases.

Sit at the bar and order a Cupid’s Arrow made with Santa Teresa 1796 rum and Fonseca Bin 27 port. It’s silky and smooth and has a hint of sweetness.

Bar tender Michael Flannery has lots of good stories about his life in the business. He can teach you a fair amount about mixing drinks and you can watch him flame a twist to bring out the oils in the rind.

At 24 W. 55th St. Information: +1-212-767-0555;

Pickup Joints

You never know where you might meet someone.

Crossing the park the other day I caught the eye of a businessman, then two joggers and, finally, a woman walking four dogs. Was it my mysterious scarf, my new straight hairdo or my open heart?

Whatever, consider taking a walk through Central Park, preferably with a dog. Conversations flow easily as you blubber over a mutt because of the human companion.

More tips: places with ‘Fatty’ in their names are good pickup joints.

For instance, Fatty ‘Cue has a convivial bar. And I became friendly with a real estate lawyer at Fatty Crab over a spicy Chupacabra tequila cocktail. I actually needed a lawyer for an acquisition and was happy when he said: “I’m cheap cuz I’m rich.”


How about a “Divorce Music” CD release party at the Delancey? There must be lots of newly single people there.

The Lumiere String Quartet will play songs from their latest album, including “The Thrill Is Gone,” “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” and “These Boots Are Made for Walkin’.”

Violinist Victoria Paterson, who’s married, says a guy on the subway started hitting on her when she showed him the CD.

Paterson says the group has a classical wedding CD that sells well on the Web. She and her husband thought it would be amusing to come up with the antithesis of a wedding album, and so the divorce album was born.

“It’s like the yin and yang. Ode to Joy, Ode to Sorrow,” Paterson says.

The ensemble will play a few tunes not on the album, including Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” I’ve got high hopes for this party.

The Delancey is on the Lower East Side at 168 Delancey St. Information: +1-212-254-9920,

(Catherine Smith writes for Muse, the arts and culture section of Bloomberg News. The opinions expressed are her own.)

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