Scene at the Ballet: Donya Bommer, Jill Kargman, Diana DiMenna

New York City Ballet
Donya Bommer, a board member at New York City Ballet, with NYCB soloist Chase Finlay. Photographer: Amanda Gordon/Bloomberg

Donya Bommer was in a quant mood yesterday at the New York City Ballet Annual Luncheon, held on the promenade of the David H. Koch Theater.

The wife of Scott Bommer, founding partner and president of SAB Capital Management LP, she was a co-chairman of the event and spoke as guests finished plates of chicken and lentil salad.

“We raised $300,000 today. Each year we spend $600,000 on point shoes,” said Bommer, in a taupe Lanvin dress. “That’s two annual lunches.”

Bommer knows her point shoes: She is an NYCB board member and an amateur ballet dancer.

“I’ve been taking lessons since I was three,” she said.

And can her husband dance?

“He’s an adorable dancer,” Bommer replied.

As for the Super Bowl: Bommer watched. “I had to see Madonna,” she said.

And what did she think of her dancing? “She would have had an easier time had she not worn a crazy headdress and those high-heeled boots,” Bommer said.

Olivia Chantecaille, creative director of Chantecaille cosmetics, also tuned in to the NFL championship game.

“I found it more interesting than the Golden Globes,” she said. “It was more dynamic -- but maybe that’s because my husband was explaining it to me.”

Chantecaille’s favorite commercials: “The Fiat one was great,” she said. “It was just cute and unexpected and fun. Not so commercial, more sophisticated.”

Even Curling

Author Jill Kargman, soon to become Drew Barrymore’s sister-in-law, is “obsessed” with the Super Bowl, she said.

“Anytime New York is involved in a championship game, even if it’s curling, I get into it,” Kargman said.

Diana DiMenna, who with her husband Joe DiMenna helped create the children’s museum at the recently reopened New-York Historical Society, said the Giants-Patriots contest had caused some conflict in the family.

Her daughters are Giants fans, her mother a Patriots fan. “My kids called my mother and taunted her,” DiMenna said.

Among the 500 guests yesterday were Julia Koch and Peggy Siegal, who talked about the Oscars; and Sue Ann Weinberg, whose late husband headed Goldman Sachs in the ‘70s and ‘80s.

Also attending were Studio Museum in Harlem’s director, Thelma Golden, and actress and New York City Ballet board member Sarah Jessica Parker.

Asked if she watched the Super Bowl, Parker replied, “Are you kidding? If I had four hours, I’d much rather be at the ballet.”

(Amanda Gordon is a writer and photographer for Muse, the arts and leisure section of Bloomberg News. Any opinions expressed are her own.)

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