Nasdaq ‘Threshold’ Securities for Feb. 1

The following is a list of “threshold securities” from the Nasdaq Stock Market, published daily in compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation SHO.

The list consists of stocks for which sellers failed to deliver 10,000 shares or more in the past five trading days and the level of “fails” is a minimum of 0.5 percent of the shares outstanding. Securities are listed alphabetically by ticker.

                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
AAMRQ   AMR CORP                                               2
ADOOY   ADARO ENERGY PT UNSPON ADR (ID                         3
ANYI    ANYTHINGIT INC COMMON STOCK                            4
AXPW    AXION POWER INTERNATIONAL INC                         28
BIB     PROSHARES TRUST - PROSHARES UL                         4
BIS     PROSHARES TRUST-PROSHARES ULTR                         8
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
BPAX    BIOSANTE PHARMACEUTICALS INC                           5
BVSN    BroadVision, Inc. New Common S                        10
CIBEY   COMMERCIAL INTERNATIONAL BK LT                        10
CICHY   China Construction Bank Corpor                         4
CIDM    CINEDIGM DIGITAL CINEMA CORP.,                         3
CLWT    EURO TECH HOLDINGS CO LTD NEW                          5
DCAQP   DRA CRT ACQUISITION CORP PFD S                        11
ECOC    ECOLOGY COATINGS INC COM STK                           4
EGDFF   ENERGOLD DRILLING CORP (CDA)                          37
ENER    ENERGY CONVERSION DEVICES INC                          7
GBRRF   GABRIEL RESOURCES LTD                                 10
IBB     ISHARES NASDAQ BIOTECHNOLOGY I                         5
MNKD    MANNKIND CORP                                          7
ONTCD   ONTECO CORPORATION. (NEW) COMM                         9
ORSCY   ORASCOM CONSTR INDS S A E SPON                         1
OSRS    Osiris Corporation Common Stoc                        18
PLZLY   POLYUS GOLD INTL LTD SPON GDR                         10
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
PPHYL   PHARMACTL HLDR TST DP REC12/40                        13
RIOAF   RIO ALTO MNG LTD NEW COM SHS (                         2
RTHYL   RETAIL HOLDRS TRUST (HOLDRS) 1                         3
SCGLY   SOCIETE GENERALE FRANCE SP ADR                         3
SKHSY   SEKISUI HOUSE LTD SPONS ADR                            5
SQQQ    PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT QQQ                          14
STEV    STEVIA CORP COM STK (NV)                              17
UAMY    U S ANTIMONY CORP                                      5
VCLT    VANGUARD LG-TRM CORP BD ETF                            9
VCSH    VANGUARD SHT-TERM CORP BD ETF                         21
VELA    VELATEL GLOBAL COMMUNICATIONS,                         8
VGIT    VANGUARD INTERMEDIATE-TERM GOV                         1
VRML    VERMILLION INC (DE)                                   20
VTWG    VANGUARD RUSSELL 2000 GROWTH E                         7
WEIN    WEST END INDIANA BANCSHARES IN                         8
XBOR    CROSS BORDER RESOURCES, INC. C                         3
NOTE: For more information on threshold securities, see:

SOURCE: Nasdaq
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