Green Business Has a 'Recessionary Hangover': Hot off the Griddle

By Eric Roston

Good morning, and welcome back to the Griddle, a menu of fortified items for the busy person's media diet. Many sustainability strategists we interview say they feel emboldened by increased attention to the topic even during the Great Recession. But corporate actions don't always match their intentions. GreenBiz this month downgraded six of 20 environmental indicators in its recently released State of Green Business Report 2012. The group's research showed performance declines among companies in clean energy investment, energy efficiency, green offices, packaging, toxic emissions and toxics in manufacturing. The authors wrote: "Simply put, sustainable business is suffering a recessionary hangover."

And now the news:

Men in Finance Have `Reprehensible' Dominance (Bloomberg)
U.N. Documents Propose Mandatory Sustainability Reporting (Environmental Leader)
The Great Northern Migration of U.S. Cattle (Reuters)
Tainted-Well Lawsuits Mount Against Gas Frackers (Bloomberg)
Ohio Tries to Escape Fate as a Dumping Ground for Fracking Fluid (Bloomberg) 
Apple's Greatness, and Its Shame (Harvard Business Review) 
Fracking Disclosures Are Now Required in Texas (Miami Herald)
Congress to Pass Bill Opposing EU Aircraft Emissions Rules (BusinessGreen)
Economies Must Grow for the Climate Change Fight (Guardian)
China-Based Hackers Aim to Disrupt $40 Billion Potash Deal (Bloomberg)
Check With Climate Scientists for Views on Climate (WSJ)

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