By Eric Roston

Good morning, and welcome back to the Griddle, a menu of fortified items for the busy person's media diet. A federal judge in New Orleans ruled Friday that BP can't collect clean-up costs from Transocean, the company's drilling contractor involved in the 2010 Gulf oil spill. For BP it's another episode of the disaster's "economic effects and the long term-damage to the reputation of the company." That's the phrase used by the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) in 2010 when they booted BP from the DJSI World Index six weeks into the spill. Sometimes it takes what Dow Jones calls "extraordinary events" to reveal just how unprepared a company is to deal with extraordinary events.

And now the news:

Neglected Tropical Diseases Get $785M in New Funds (Scientific American)
London 2012 may be Greenest Olympics but U.K. Still Lags in Sustainability (Guardian)
Study Finds 50-Year Burst of Tropical Eruptions Spawned 'Little Ice Age' (NY Times)
BP Hid Estimates of Spill at 3.4 Million Gallons a Day (NY Times)
Fungi Discovered In The Amazon Will Eat Your Plastic (Fast Company)
Southwest turns anxious eye to shrinking Lake Mead (Climate Central)
Ten Ways Big Data is Remaking Energy (Cleantech)
World Lacks Sufficient Food, Fuel as Population Soars (Reuters)
U.K. Winds Blew 16% Harder Last Year (BusinessGreen)
Cadmium Spill Threatens Water Supplies of Major Chinese City (Guardian)

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