Dr. Doom’s Party, Ghostly Canvases, $500,000 Owl: Chelsea Art

"Mie" by Alex Katz. The painting is part of “Mie: A Portrait by 35 Artists” at Freight + Volume gallery in Chelsea. Photographer: Paul Takeuchi/Freight + Volume via Bloomberg

Japanese model Mie Iwatsuki has inspired painter Alex Katz, photographer Robert Frank and Nouriel Roubini, aka “Dr. Doom.”

On the artistic side, the results can be seen at Freight + Volume gallery in Chelsea, Manhattan. “Mie: A Portrait by 35 Artists” includes paintings, sculpture, drawings and video.

Roubini supplied the after-party venue with his East Village triplex following the opening on Jan. 21.

“It’s a bunch of great, cool young artists,” he said, surveying the crowd. “Contemporary art is one of my great passions.”

A photograph by Chinese artist Lin Yilin shows Iwatsuki’s reflection in Roubini’s roof pool as she presses his 2010 book, “Crisis Economics,” to her chest. In Frank’s two Polaroid photos, the model’s face is seductively aglow. In Katz’s painting, it’s flat and blank.

“I have an identity crisis,” said Iwatsuki, towering above most guests in a sleeveless, rhinestone-studded black gown. “Everyone has a different view of me.” She and art dealer Nick Lawrence curated the show.

Prices range from $2,000 to $350,000. The show runs through Feb. 25 at 530 W. 24th St.; +1-212-691-7700; http://freightandvolume.com.

Ephemeral Beauty

At the Anton Kern gallery, Danish artist Sergej Jensen doesn’t use neatly stretched canvas. He paints on various textiles: linen, burlap, hemp, cotton and silk surfaces that are stained, stitched or wrinkled. Threads hang loosely and seams are visible.

In one work, a lone yellow silk form sewn onto the upper part of an otherwise empty 8-by-6-foot burlap canvas glows like an icon.

Some canvases are painted from the back, which allows oil to seep through the fiber and add a ghostly quality. One such work is a striking field of pink. In another, black oil paint crystalized into tiny beads on loosely woven burlap.

Prices range from $20,000 to $85,000. The show runs through Feb. 25 at 532 W. 20th St.; +1-212-367-9663; http://antonkerngallery.com.

Living Color

Fred Tomaselli’s 2011 painting “Night Music for Raptors” sold for $500,000 within the first hour of Art Basel Miami Beach’s VIP preview, at the booth of James Cohan Gallery.

On Jan. 21, the work, depicting an owl with orange CD-size eyes, reappeared in the new exhibition at money manager Glenn Fuhrman’s Flag Art Foundation.

Titled “In Living Color,” the show features large-scale chromatic experiments by blue-chip and hot artists. A commissioned painting by Dan Colen was done with pigments made of crushed flower petals. Cy Twombly’s turquoise canvas pulsates with yellow scribbles and vermillion drips and brushstrokes. Mark Grotjahn’s 2011 abstract composition is so densely layered its viscous oil paint extends about an inch beyond the canvas.

The works are not for sale. The show runs through May 19 at 545 West 25th St.; 9th Floor, +1-212-206-0220; http://www.flagartfoundation.org.

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