Stock-Market Crash, Jackie Kennedy, $1.8 Million Hats, Calder

Jackie Kennedy Fashion Styles
Jackie Kennedy's fashion styles; the image is priced at $650, at Keith De Lellis Gallery. Source: Keith De Lellis Gallery via Bloomberg

A lighter side of Andy Warhol appears at Manhattan’s L&M Arts in 27 ink-and-watercolor drawings of hats, each identified with a famous name.

Cleopatra’s is a pink-and-green construction that suggests a theater stage. George Washington and Napoleon’s head-pieces, both dark blue and of similar shape, could be confused if it weren’t for the French flag’s colors on the emperor’s chapeau. Scarlett O’Hara gets a pert bonnet trimmed with flowers and ribbon.

The “Who’s Who in Holiday Hats?” series was created in 1958 and then published in the December 1964 issue of McCall’s. With tongue in cheek, the magazine suggested cutting them out to make party favors.

You can buy the set for $1.8 million.

Also on view are drawings of shoes from the 1955 Warhol portfolio “A la Recherche du Shoe Perdu,” inspired by Proust’s seven-volume novel, as well as its illustrated cover. Prices range between $18,000 and $42,000; the cover is $90,000.

The show is at 45 E. 78th St., through Feb. 18. Information: +1-212-861-0020;

Calder’s Paintings

Famed for his sculptures, Alexander Calder also produced about 400 paintings. One batch came after an inspiring 1930 visit to Mondrian’s atelier in Paris that plunged the American into three weeks of abstract work, according to the Calder Foundation.

Works from this period are included among a group of 30 in “Alexander Calder: The Painter” at the Helly Nahmad Gallery. Though they recall the Dutch painter’s lines and squares, Calder’s Mondrian-inspired canvases are warmer and his colors gentler.

The later “My Shop,” painted in 1955, shows the artist’s Roxbury, Connecticut, studio filled with completed and unfinished works, some of which are on view in the show. The 1925 “The Flying Trapeze,” shows hundreds of spectators, all identically painted with a blot of pink and some black around it.

Prices range between $650,000 and $2 million, though most works are not for sale. The show is at 975 Madison Ave., through Jan. 28. Information: +1-212-879-2075;

‘Great Moments’

Even a seasoned equestrian can get thrown. It happened to Jackie Kennedy in 1969, and photographer Marshall Hawkins immortalized the mortification.

The vintage print is on view at Keith De Lellis Gallery for the show “Current Events: Great Moments in 20th Century Press Photography.”

Owner De Lellis has been gathering images of events from the past century for more than five years. He bought them from newspapers, as well as from private collectors.

The show arranges the photographs chronologically and thematically. The former First Lady’s fall is shown with her fashion styles, and a wounded U.S. soldier in South Vietnam in 1965 shares a frame with young boys from an orphan village near Long Thanh.

Other events include the 1960 Democratic National Convention, Mussolini speechifying in 1938, and crowds stunned by the 1929 Wall Street stock-market crash.

Prices range between $350 and $9,000. The show is at 1045 Madison Ave., through Jan. 26. Information: +1-212-327-1482;

(Lili Rosboch writes for Muse, the arts and leisure section of Bloomberg News. Opinions expressed are her own.)

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