Russian Grain Exports Come to 17.5 Million Tons, Zubkov Says

Russian grain exports have reached 17.5 million metric tons to date since the season started on July 1, First Deputy Prime Minister Viktor Zubkov said.

“Grain is delivered to 84 countries,” Zubkov said, on government television channel Rossiya 24 today. Exports are seen at about 24 million to 25 million tons this season, with 6 million to 7 million tons being shipped in the January through June 2012 period, he said.

Russia harvested 99 million tons of grain before drying and cleaning it this year, and 93.8 million tons afterwards, the Agriculture Ministry said in a statement today. The country had record crops of sunflower seeds at 9.6 million tons, rapeseed at 1.1 million tons, soybeans at 1.6 million tons and sugar beets at 46.2 million tons, according to the ministry.

Russia’s exports of sugar from domestic beets may reach 200,000 tons in 2011, Zubkov said.

The government plans to increase meat output by about a 10 percent next year and a 5 percent increase in milk production, he said.