Kudrin Offer to Mediate in Vote-Fraud Standoff, Kommersant Says

Former Russian Finance Minister Alexei Kudrin is ready to mediate the dialog between the civil society in Russia and the authorities, Kommersant reported.

Protests earlier this month in Moscow’s Bolotnaya Square show that society doesn’t tolerate violations during the parliamentary elections, Kudrin wrote in an article in the newspaper today. He shares “negative emotions” regarding the elections, he said.

President Dmitry Medvedev’s initiatives Dec. 22 to liberalize political system demonstrated that Russian authorities are eager to react to people’s discontent, while protesters are still being perceived as “foam” and “provocateurs,” Kudrin wrote.

The former minister, ousted by Dmitry Medvedev in September for insubordination, said he’s confident that “gradual non-violent transformation” of Russia’s political system is possible, and honest presidential elections on March 4 with results “accepted by society” may lay a foundation for this.

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