By Eric Roston

Good afternoon, and welcome back to the Griddle, a menu of fortified items for the busy person's media diet. The bespectacled, gloved, gentleman spy cracked secrets from safes and guarded the West from Soviet nuclear sabotage in the cold war. The 21st century spy has more practical motivations. Indiana has nabbed a former Dow AgroSciences researcher whom it says stole secrets for a Chinese University, in the the state's first prosecution under the 1996 Economic Espionage Act. Spying these days, whether cyber or shoe leather, frequently serves the race to secure the materials and know-how necessary to build – and sustain -- an economic superpower.

And now the news:

Texas, Editors Reach Deal on Climate Change Study (Houston Chronicle)
'Subsidized' Renewables Seeing a Fraction of Largesse Given to Oil and Gas, Nuclear (Environmental Finance)
Why 'Shared Value' Can't Fix Capitalism (Forbes)
Shale Boom Heralds Fifth Year of Gas Declines (Bloomberg)
Green Goods Grab Wal-Mart's Attention (Bloomberg)
Darrell Issa: California Uncooperative in Gas-Mileage Probe (LA Times)
New Standards Could Spur Production of More SUVs (E&E News) 
Quakes, Meltdowns, Debt Crisis Made 2011 Relentless (Bloomberg)
Schneider Electric Buys Viridity Platform to Enhance Data Center Suite (GreenBiz)
'Clumsy' Handling of U.K. Solar Subsidy Cuts May Have 'Fatally Damaged' Industry (Guardian)
In Defense of the Plastic Bag (GreenBiz)



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