By Tom Randall

Good afternoon, and welcome back to the Griddle, a menu of fortified items for the busy person's media diet. An EPA report linked hydraulic fracturing of natural gas, or fracking, to contaminated groundwater in Wyoming . Researchers have also said natural gas extraction may be triggering earthquakes in Ohio, Arkansas, Texas, and the U.K. It's not just local residents that are taking notice. Groups representing investors with more than $130 billion in assets are asking oil and gas companies led by Exxon Mobil to disclose the chemicals they're using and reduce the quantity of water they force into the ground to drive out natural gas, Bloomberg News reports. There aren't many things that can or should impede the U.S. natural gas revolution -- but water and health are two of them.

And now the news:

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Scientists Hack Microsoft's Kinect to Study Glaciers and Asteroids (Wired)
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U.S. Envoy Relieved by Climate Talks’ Outcome (NY Times)
Smaller Reactors Could Make U.S. Nuclear Energy Safer (Science Daily)

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