Europe to Be Warmer Than Usual Through Dec. 22, EU Unit Says

Most of Europe outside of the British Isles will have warmer weather than usual through Dec. 22, with large amounts of rain in France and Germany, the European Union’s crop-monitoring unit forecast.

Poland and Spain will get “scarce” amounts of rain, while long-lasting water deficiency is hurting crops from eastern Germany to Ukraine, the EU’s Monitoring Agricultural Resources unit said in a report on its website today.

“Mild temperatures are foreseen for the majority of the continent,” the unit, known as MARS, said in the report. “Snow cover all over agriculture areas in the EU will be very thin, because of persisting maximum temperatures above zero degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit).”

Temperatures will remain above freezing for all of the period, other than in north and northeast Europe, and will be “slightly” above the long-term average in Germany, Denmark, Poland and most of France and Spain, the unit said.

For Europe eastward from Poland, average temperatures will be at least 2 degrees Celsius higher than normal, according to the EU unit. Temperatures in the U.K. and Ireland will be “slightly lower” than normal, according to the report.

Minimum temperatures at the end of the period may drop below minus 8 degrees Celsius in the border area of Germany and the Czech Republic, and below minus 15 in Sweden and eastern Russia, within the seasonal range, according to MARS.

France and Germany, the EU’s largest farm producers, will have “abundant” precipitation through Dec. 22, exceeding 80 millimeters (3.1 inches) in southern areas, MARS said. Agricultural areas in Slovakia and Hungary will get more than 20 millimeters of rain, the forecaster said.

Daily precipitation in the Alps, south Germany and France may exceed 40 millimeters, according to the forecast.

Scarce rain is expected for eastern Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic, while Spain and western North Africa won’t get any rain, the EU unit said.

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