By Eric Roston

Good afternoon, and welcome back to the Griddle, a menu of fortified items for the busy person's media diet. A reader could spend the entire day monitoring how demand in the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) is driving up the price of virtually everything: copper, lead, cotton, oil, the works. This week we see more signals that a growing export from developed to developing nations is an idealized lifestyle. Take these two stories that embody the rise of luxury living, about diamonds and butlers.

And now the news:

Intel Turns up the Heat to Save Data Centers Money (Bloomberg)
Shock as Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice Releases Deadly Greenhouse Gas (Independent)
China's Pollution Goals Signal Gas Import Boom (Bloomberg)
Durban Deal Clinched by Two Strong Women, a United EU and a Compromise (Independent)
Rising Oil Cyber Attacks Threaten Lives and 'Huge Damage' (BBC)
U.S. Sees Most Severe Precipitation Extremes on Record (Washington Post)
Investors Press Shale Drillers to Cut Risks (Bloomberg)
Fracking Blamed for Earthquakes in Ohio (NY Times)
Persistent Romanian Drought May Shut down Nuclear Reactor (Guardian)
EPA to Release New Rules for Power Plants (NPR)
Why 2012 Will Be a Bad Year for Renewable Energy (Time)
Dark Side of Fracking Makes Heckmann, Poseidon Takeover Targets (Bloomberg)





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