By Eric Roston

Good morning, and welcome back to the Griddle, a menu of fortified items for the busy person's media diet. South Africa, host of this year's UN climate negotiations, has the first stock exchange to mandate that companies integrate sustainability metrics into their balance-sheet reports. From a sustainability perspective, that puts the Johannesburg Stock Exchange ahead of the New York exchanges, which are unlikely to adopt similar measures anytime soon. Bloomberg News' Mark Lee reported yesterday that New York is having a difficult enough time retaining Chinese tech firms, who already find New York disclosure rules too strict and see higher returns from Hong Kong listings. "I am tired of the U.S.," Yang Tianfu, chief executive officer of Harbin Electric, said in a phone interview. "We just couldn't communicate with the investors."

And now the news:

U.S. Delay on Climate Deal Prompts Backlash From Europe to Barbados Bloomberg)
GOP Itches for Fight With Obama Over Pipeline
Exxon Declares Gas King
(Wall Street Journal)
Las Vegas Sees Casinos in Japan as Legislators Bow to Quake Relief
Most Climate-Responsible Companies Revealed; Scores up 54% in Four Years
(Environmental Leader)
Amish Farms to Hippie Co-Ops Fight FDA Milk Inquiry
Ikea Expands Solar Initiative to 75 Percent of U.S. Locations
Hasbro to Eliminate PVC From Packaging
U.K. Faces Future of Droughts if It Doesn't Cut Water Use, Minister Warns
As Coal Use Declines in U.S., Coal Companies Focus on China
(Yale e360)

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