By Eric Roston

Good morning, and welcome back to the Griddle, a morning news menu of fast food for your mind that's also healthy. We stipulate this today because a movement is afoot, particularly in San Francisco, to encourage healthy fast food for the smallest among us. A city ordinance aimed at childhood obesity prohibits restaurants from giving away toys in kids' meals if they pack more than 600 calories, come with an excessively sugary beverage and have no fruits and vegetables. Prompted by the San Francisco law, McDonald's will begin today charging ten cents extra for guests who'd like a toy in their Happy Meals. Hello Kitty, goodbye.

And now, the News:

Clean-Energy Funding to Dry Up After Obama’s Grant Program Ends (Bloomberg)
Mugabe's Seized Farms Boost Profit at British American Tobacco
Study Shows Worse Picture of Meltdown in Japan
(NY Times)
What's on Your Face? Ten Most Toxic Cosmetics
A Thermostat That's Clever, Not Clunky
(NY Times)
U.S. Joins Saudi Arabia to Stall $100 Billion Climate Fund (Bloomberg)
4,500 Carillion Jobs at Risk Over U.K. Solar Subsidy Cuts
(Business Green)
Overcoming La Nina, 2011 to Rank as 10th Warmest Year
(Climate Central)
A Warming Finland May Need Artificial Ski Trails, Ice Rinks
(Anchorage Dispatch)
Sweden's Green Veneer Hides Unsustainabile Logging Practices
(Yale e360)
Great Wall of China Gets Electric Taxi Service
Polllution-Fighting Living Wall Installed in a London Tube Station
Electric Car Ad From 1912

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