By Tom Randall

Good morning, and welcome back to The Griddle, a morning menu of fortified items for the busy person's media diet. Coffee futures rose the most in three weeks yesterday on higher anticipated demand in the U.S. We can't help but wonder how much of that is our fault, as we gear up for the launch of our new Sustainability page on We'll have more news to share in the next few weeks. 

In the meantime, enjoy these stories with a cup of your favorite morning beverage:

Apple Will Address Supply Chain Environmental Concerns (GigaOm)

Clean Energy Investment May Double to $395 Billion by 2020 (Bloomberg)

U.S. Brings New Diplomacy to Politics of Energy (WSJ)

Solyndra Highlights Long History of Energy Subsidies (NPR)

UN Chief Says $100 Billion Climate Fund Should be Finalized at Durban (Guardian)

Global firms fail to account for looming water risk (BusinessGreen)

Bribery, collusion hinder U.N. carbon scheme (Reuters)

Erratic Weather Dogs Economic Growth (Dar es Salaam Daily News)

BBC Demotes Climate Change Show for International Audience (Telegraph)

Peat Bog Declines Could Double UK's Yearly Carbon Emissions (Guardian)


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