Malaysia’s Zeti Says GDP Growth Saw ‘Improvements’ Last Quarter

Zeti Akhtar Aziz, governor of Malaysia’s central bank, comments on economic growth and inflation. She spoke to reporters in Kuala Lumpur today.

On growth:

“There are improvements in the third quarter, but we’ll see to what extent the improvements are, whether it’s more than 4.5 percent or whether it’s closer to 5 percent. We’ll still have to see to what extent the growth will be.

“From indicators of trade that we saw, consumption demand, government implementation of some of the projects, these are all positive trends. And the financing trend continued to be quite strong in the third quarter.”

On monetary policy:

“We’ll have our final meeting for the year, we will make the assessment at that point in time. Right now, we look at our inflation. Consideration will be taken into account whether it has peaked and stabilized at least, and growth.”

On growth versus inflation concerns:

“We look at both risks and the conditions are highly dynamic. Therefore we have to make a very careful assessment. We don’t want to undermine our future prospects for growth, that is the most important because if we have high inflation, it undermines future growth. We cannot just have policies for the growth of the moment, we want to have sustained growth over the medium term.”

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