Morales Agrees to Reroute Bolivian Highway After Protests

Bolivia’s President Evo Morales amended a proposed law so as to reroute a government-backed highway that would have bisected a national park and indigenous territory.

Morales spoke at a press conference this afternoon, two days after more than 1,000 people completed a 66-day, 250-mile trek from the lowlands to the government seat of La Paz to protest the highway, which is largely funded by Brazil and will run between the cities of Cochabamba and Trinidad.

Anger at a police crackdown on the marchers in September led Interior Minister Sacha Llorenti to resign, while the country’s Defense Minister quit in solidarity with the Indians.

Morales said the amended text prohibits road construction across the National Park and Indigenous Territory Isiboro-Secure. The Senate will review the changes.

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