Finland September Producer Prices: Statistical Summary

Following is a summary of the September Producer Prices report from Statistics Finland in Helsinki:

                                  Sept.               MoM               YoY
Producer Price Index              114.6             -0.3%              4.3%
Export Price Index                103.1             -0.3%              3.3%
Import Price Index                119.1              1.3%              7.6%
Basic Price Index                 122.6              0.3%              6.1%
Wholesale Price Index             123.3              0.2%              7.2%
Note: Index levels are based at 2005=100. Producer price indices measure 
the development of commodity prices from enterprises’ viewpoint. The 
supply measures the development of prices exclusive of tax of goods used 
basic price index for domestic in Finland as they enter the market. The 
wholesale price index describes the change in the purchase prices of goods
used in Finland inclusive of tax. Both these indices contain domestic and
imported goods.      

Source: Tilastokeskus (Statistics Finland)
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