U.S. Average Regular Gasoline Price Rose Yesterday

Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- The national unleaded average gasoline price rose to $3.405 per gallon yesterday, according to AAA.

              Regular    Mid    Premium   Diesel      85   85 Adj.
Yesterday       $3.405   $3.544   $3.676   $3.795   $3.042   $4.004
Two Days Ago    $3.396   $3.539   $3.673   $3.793   $3.037   $3.997
Week Ago        $3.399   $3.544   $3.677   $3.812   $3.044   $4.006
Month Ago       $3.649   $3.788   $3.914   $3.910   $3.260   $4.291
Year Ago        $2.811   $2.985   $3.092   $3.082   $2.371   $3.120
Note: The AAA Fuel price is derived from credit card transactions at over
85,000 self-serve gasoline stations that are surveyed each business day.

The BTU-adjusted price of E-85 is the nationwide average price of E-85 adjusted
to reflect the lower energy content as expressed in British Thermal Units - or
miles per gallon - available in a gallon of E-85 as compared to the same volume
of conventional gasoline. The BTU-adjusted price calculated by OPIS and AAA is
not an actual retail average price paid by consumers. It is calculated as
part of AAA’s Fuel Gauge Report because according to the Energy Information
Administration E-85 delivers approximately 25 percent fewer BTUs by volume than
conventional gasoline. Because “flexible fuel” vehicles can operate on
conventional fuel and E-85,the BTU-adjusted price of E-85 is essential to
understanding the cost implications of each fuel choice for consumers.

The highest recorded price of regular at $4.114 occurred on July 17, 2008.
The highest recorded price of diesel at $4.845 occurred on July 17, 2008.

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SOURCE: AAA www.aaa.com

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