CFTC Traders’ Bets on U.S. Dollar by Currency

The following table provides a comparison of currency wagers from the Commitments of Traders futures report for the week ended Sept. 27, according to the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

Speculative net future positions, or bets that the U.S. dollar will rise or fall against various currencies are listed below:

                              Sept. 27  Sept. 20      Year                Weekly
                                  2011      2011       Ago                Change
Net Long Japanese Yen           42,322    45,617    28,666    Weaker US$ trimmed
Net Short Euro                 -82,473   -79,460    35,330   Stronger US$ raised
Net Long Australian Dollar       5,167    23,095    69,533    Weaker US$ trimmed
Net Long Swiss Franc             2,424     4,221    19,993    Weaker US$ trimmed
Net Short Canadian Dollar      -20,550    -5,458    27,870   Stronger US$ raised
Net Short British Pound        -64,010   -59,755    -2,194   Stronger US$ raised
Net Short Mexican Peso         -20,626   -16,890    66,591   Stronger US$ raised
Net Long New Zealand Dollar      9,591    13,565    17,270    Weaker US$ trimmed
Net Long Russian Ruble          11,959    11,240       n/a     Weaker US$ raised
                              Sept. 27      Week      Year
                                  2011       Ago       Ago
Net Long U.S. Dollar Index      38,420    34,248     1,384
Futures are agreements to buy or sell assets at a set price
and date. The figures reflect holdings in currency-futures
contracts at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange as of Tuesday.
     Each Friday the CFTC publishes aggregate numbers for long
and short positions for speculators such as hedge funds and
institutional investors that buy or sell futures to protect
against price moves. Analysts and investors follow changes in
speculators’ positions because such transactions can reflect an
expectation of a change in prices.
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