Cowboys’ Romo May Play Monday With Broken Rib, Punctured Lung

Quarterback Tony Romo may be able to play in the Dallas Cowboys’ next game, eight days after suffering a fractured rib that punctured one of his lungs.

“I wouldn’t think there’s any reason he won’t be able to play Monday,” said Cowboys coach Jason Garrett, whose team next plays Sept. 26 against the Washington Redskins. “We’re certainly hopeful.”

Romo, a three-time Pro Bowl selection, was injured on the third play of the Cowboys’ 27-24 overtime win against San Francisco two days ago when he was hit by 49ers linebacker Ahmad Brooks. Romo missed most of the third quarter before completing 12 of 15 passes for 201 yards in the fourth quarter and overtime to give the Cowboys their first win of the season.

Dallas said yesterday in a statement that Romo suffered a pneumothorax, or a collapsed lung. The Cowboys said their medical team will monitor Romo’s injuries and conduct additional tests as the week progresses.

Dr. Selene Parekh, an associate professor in Duke University’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery, said in an e-mail that if a small pneumothorax is present, chest X-rays are obtained every day to make sure that the air is going away. If it enlarges, a chest tube may be needed.

Parekh also said most rib fractures are treated without surgery, and that pain medication, anti-inflammatories, a brace, ice and rest usually are enough to recover.

“As long as Romo’s pneumothorax stays small, and if his pain is well controlled, he’ll be able to play this weekend,” Parekh said. “However, he’ll likely be wearing extra protection around his ribs.”

Romo missed 10 games last season after suffering a fractured clavicle.

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