Nasdaq ‘Threshold’ Securities for Sept. 16

The following is a list of “threshold securities” from the Nasdaq Stock Market, published daily in compliance with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s Regulation SHO.

The list consists of stocks for which sellers failed to deliver 10,000 shares or more in the past five trading days and the level of “fails” is a minimum of 0.5 percent of the shares outstanding. Securities are listed alphabetically by ticker.

                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
ATTD    ATTITUDE DRINKS INC NEW COM ST                        14
AUNFF   AURCANA CORP                                          12
BLOAQ   BLOCKBUSTER INC CL-A                                 109
CTCC    CITY CAPITAL CORPORATION                              21
CTE     SINOTECH ENERGY LTD ADS                               13
CYRX    CRYOPORT INC NEW COMMON STOCK                          6
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
EMBA    EMAMBA INTERNATIONAL CORP. COM                         4
EXTO    EXIT ONLY INC                                         26
FCHI    ISHARES FTSE CHINA (HK LISTED)                         1
GAPTQ   GREAT ATLANTIC & PAC TEA                              15
HRBN    HARBIN ELEC INC                                       72
HRTPY   HRT PARTICIPACOES EM PETROLEO                          4
LIEG    LI3 ENERGY INC COM STK (NV)                           11
LOCM    LOCAL.COM CORP COM STK                                11
LUKOY   LUKOIL OIL COMPANY;SPON ADR RE                         1
MEMI    MIRACLE ENTERTAINMENT INC                             23
MGDDY   Michelin Compagnie Generale de                        15
MMTC    MICRO IMAGING TECHNOLOGY, INC.                         5
MOTR    MOTRICITY INC COM STK (DE)                            20
PLZLY   POLYUS GOLD INTL LTD SPON GDR                         18
RVUE    RVUE HLDGS INC COM STK (NV)                            8
SAPX    SEVEN ARTS ENTMT INC COM (NV)                          4
SMDZF   STRATEGIC METALS LTD COM NEW (                        14
                                                Consecutive Days
Ticker  Security Name                                    on List
SMXI    SEBRING SOFTWARE, INC. COMMON                          1
SNOFF   SINA-FOREST CORP SUB VTG(F)                           37
SNWTE   SAN WEST, INC. COMMON STOCK (C                        12
SQQQ    PROSHARES ULTRAPRO SHORT QQQ                           7
TRMAQ   TRICO MARINE SERVICES INC NEW                         20
TZOO    TRAVELZOO INC                                          5
VCIT    VANGUARD INTERMEDIATE-TERM COR                        27
VCRT    VICOR TECHNOLOGIES INC NEW COM                        18
VCSH    VANGUARD SHT-TERM CORP BD ETF                         29
VGIT    VANGUARD INTERMEDIATE-TERM GOV                         1
VGLT    VANGUARD LG-TRM GOVT BD ETF                            5
VGSH    VANGUARD  SHT-TRM GOVT BD ETF                         24
VITFF   Victoria Gold Corp Ordinary Sh                         1
VXUS    VANGUARD STAR FD VANGUARD TOTA                        27
YRCW    YRC WORLDWIDE INC                                     53
NOTE: For more information on threshold securities, see:

SOURCE: Nasdaq
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