U.K. Sells GBP900 Mln 0.75% I/L 2047 Bonds; Yld 0.387%

Sept. 15 (Bloomberg) -- The following issue went on sale today:

Issuer: HM Treasury Manager: UK Debt Management Office

Type: RPI-linked Amount Tendered: 1.34306 billion pounds Amount Allotted: 900 million pounds Bid to Cover Ratio: 1.49 Real Price: 112.23 percent Real Yield: 0.387 percent Coupon: 0.75 percent Maturity: Nov. 22, 2047 Settlement: Sept. 16, 2011 Security ID: {BBG0000L4515 <Govt> DES <GO>}

{BBG0021VN6R7 <Govt> DES <GO>} When Issued