Super Punches Jazz So-So ‘Captain America’ Video Game: Review

Captain America
Captain America fights an enemy in a scene from "Captain America: Super Soldier." The video game was pegged to the release of the movie. Source: One PR Studio via Bloomberg

Pegged to the release of the blockbuster film, “Captain America: Super Soldier” launches you right into combat with the baddies. They’re easily defeated.

The attack commands are basic: X to dodge, square to attack, circle to counter, triangle to rustle or confuse (I never used this button). R1 and L1 enhance these attacks, while L2 aims and R2 launches the shield.

“Captain America” uses a basic power-bar structure, with consistent counterattacks and well-placed knockouts building up four power units, enabling more effective attacks -- super punches, one-punch kills to multiple enemies at once, intricate shield targeting.

Over time, you develop a few tricks through upgrades -- disarming an enemy and using his weapon, hitting multiple targets with your shield, some basic parkour skills, more powerful attacks.

Still, “Captain America: Super Soldier” suffers from repetition. Every door or explosive includes mildly involving puzzles (that barely grow in difficulty) requiring mildly dexterous use of the joysticks.

The game pales before any “Assassins Creed” or “God of War” installments. But it does have its good points for a run-of-the-mill superhero movie videogame. There were definitely a few boss battles that I had to try once or twice before I got the hang of it.

There are some interesting unlockables -- diary entries from the top man, photo galleries, film reels, and two alternate costumes. Not for the serious gamer, but it does its job as a suitable companion to the film, even while ignoring the plot entirely.

“Captain America: Super Soldier,” by Sega of America, is in stores now. Prices range from $29.99 for the hand-held edition to $49.99 for Playstation and Xbox versions. Rating: **

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