Dreier Says House to Vote on Republican Debt Plan Today

The U.S. House plans to vote on Republicans’ two-step debt-limit plan today, and lawmakers said it will have enough votes to pass.

Speaker John Boehner’s plan is being revised to hinge the second debt-limit increase on a balanced-budget constitutional amendment being passed by Congress and sent to the states, said House Rules Committee Chairman David Dreier, a California Republican.

Representative Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican, said he now supports Boehner’s plan and that he “absolutely” believes it has the votes to pass.

Representative Jeff Flake, an Arizona Republican, said he decided to support Boehner’s plan after colleagues agreed to tie it to the proposed balanced-budget amendment. He also said he believes Boehner now has the votes to pass the bill.

“I think you’ll see quite a few get on board,” Flake, who earlier said he leaned against the plan, told reporters.

Jeff Landry of Louisiana said he will vote for the bill because of the balanced-budget amendment provision.

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