Microsoft’s Ayala Says Personal Computers Will Remain ‘Relevant’

Orlando Ayala, a senior vice president at Microsoft Corp., the world’s biggest software maker, says the personal computer will remain relevant even with the growth in sales of tablet devices and mobile phones.

Ayala spoke with Bloomberg Television’s Liza Tan in Jakarta yesterday.

“More smartphones are going to come and continue to grow very fast. Tablets are going to grow too, but remember that this is sometimes too focused on the device and people should be focusing on the scenario.

‘‘Tablets are good for consuming content, not for producing content. PCs are actually good for mostly producing content. So, you don’t see a person producing a large spreadsheet in a phone or in a tablet, you see them doing that in a PC. So I think there is space for all of them.

‘‘The fact that Windows 7 already has 350 million users in less than a year of release speaks to the fact that the PC will continue to be very relevant, even though tablets and phones will continue to grow. So I think all of them are going to have a good future.’’

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