NATO Aircraft ‘Bring Down’ Guard Towers at Qaddafi Compound

Coalition air forces have targeted the walls of Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi’s complex in central Tripoli, the U.K. said today.

“RAF Typhoons, along with other NATO aircraft, last night used precision guided weapons to bring down guard towers along the walls” of the Bab Al Aziziyah complex, Chief of the Defence Staff Strategic Communications Officer, Major General John Lorimer, said in an e-mailed statement.

The military action “sends a powerful message to the regime’s leadership and to those involved in delivering Colonel Qaddafi’s attacks on civilians that that they are no longer hidden away from the Libyan people behind high walls.”

Russia yesterday said it’s seeking to negotiate the exit from power of the Libyan leader, for the first time supporting the goals of the military campaign in Libya led by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Qaddafi has forfeited his right to govern and Russia is using its contacts with the Libyan regime’s leadership to persuade him to step down, President Dmitry Medvedev said in Deauville, France, after a Group of Eight summit.

French support for the coalition intervention in Libya has stabilized as 55 percent of people queried favored the action from 54 percent a month ago, Dimanche Ouest-France said today, citing a poll conducted by Ifop.

Support has slipped from the campaign’s start, when 66 percent of people polled 10 days after the air operation began told Ifop they were in support of it, the newspaper said. The poll of 1,006 people was conducted by Internet between May 24 and 26.

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