Spanish Police Force Demonstrators From Barcelona Protest Camp

Police in Barcelona used force to clear demonstrators from a protest camp, while a sit-in expressing opposition to corruption, austerity measures and bank bailouts continued for a 12th day in Madrid.

Police cleared about 300 people from the camp in Plaza Catalunya for safety reasons, said a spokeswoman for the Catalan police force who declined to be named, citing government policy. TV images showed police using truncheons. Authorities removed butane-gas cylinders and other objects that would have been dangerous if soccer fans take to the square tomorrow during Barcelona’s Champions League final, and protesters can go back once the site is cleaned, she said.

The sit-in demonstration in the Plaza del Sol in central Madrid continued today as Spaniards protest against corruption, budget cuts and a youth unemployment rate of 45 percent. The rally, which began before the ruling Socialist party suffered its worst local election defeat in three decades on May 22, will move to several neighborhoods across Madrid this weekend, according to the organizers.