Operation Status at Japanese Metal Smelters by JMIA

Following is a list of the status of operations at Japanese metals producers after a 9.0-magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit the country’s northern region on March 11, causing damage to facilities, power shortages and blackouts. This was provided by the Japan Mining Industry Association (JMIA) today.


Onahama/Fukushima  Mitsubishi  300,000   Halted
 Smelter           Materials

Hitachi/Ibaraki    Pan Pacific 217,000   Halted/Plan to
 Refinery                                resume in April

Kosaka/Akita       Dowa         25,000   Halted/Plan to
 Recycling                              resume in early April

Industry’s Total Copper Output Capacity: 1,710,000 tons/year

*** ZINC

Akita/Akita        Dowa        200,400   Halted/Plan to
 Smelter                              resume in early April

Hachinohe/Aomori   Mitsui      117,600   Halted
 Smelter           Mining & Smelting

Annaka/Gunma Toho Zinc 139,200 Halted Smelter

Onahama/Fukushima Toho Zinc (93,000) Halted ** This plant produced intermediate product for zinc to delivery to Annaka smelter. ------------------------------------------------------------- Industry’s Total Zinc Output Capacity: 703,200 tons/year ============================================================= *** LEAD Kosaka/Akita Dowa 26,000 Halted/Plan to resume in early April Hosokura/Miyagi Mitsubishi 22,200 Halted/Plan to resume when fuel supply is available ------------------------------------------------------------- Industry’s Total Lead Output Capacity: 272,000 tons/year ============================================================= *** FERRO-NICKEL Hachinohe/Aomori Pacific 40,800 Halted Metals ------------------------------------------------------------- Industry’s Total ferro-nickel Output Capacity: 74,500 tons/year =============================================================
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